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Animated project for the hit show Black-sh. Season 4 episode 1, featuring Aloe Blacc and The Roots.


Say hello to the future of imagination. Pinksick Genius Works, pioneered by Grammy and MTV Award winning painter and designer Shah Wonders is the next quantum leap in all things creative. Pinksick and it’s members have they’re tentacles on the pulse of modern culture and is easily able to steer brands  and personal clients into their niche position for beautiful and profitable endeavors. Pinksick Genius Works offer a variety of creative services including Creative Consulting and Direction, Animation Direction, Character Design, Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Digital and Traditional Painting and we are the very best at what we do. So if you are looking to take your vision and ideas lightyears beyond the status quo we at Pinksick Genius Works would be more than happy to make dreams in to reality! 


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